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Monday, May 02, 2005

hey mercedes, why the long face?

*pardon my use of a curse word, i'm in a bad mood this morning.

oh, how i need some music right now. i'd listen to something emo or angsty. like some get up kids or my chemical romance. i'm not even sure if either of them are considered emo anymore. i'm a bit out of touch with the whole genre labeling thing. pesach ended with a bang. if i had the chance to smack someone (actually a couple someones) i would have, but they scurried out like little bitches before i could. i don't like hurtful, disrespectful people who spin the truth and make mothers cry. it sickens me.
i wonder if i can get a heter to listen to some music. the omer/sfira is just too long. while my family and i were becoming religious we called it the omer, but all my frum-from-birth friends call it sfira, so i don't know what it's supposed to be called.


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