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Thursday, May 26, 2005

and if you carry on this way.

well, on tuesday i finally got my wisdom teeth removed. i am officially wisdom-toothless. yeah! i'm in a bit of pain right now, but since i'm on pain meds and sterroids (aw yeah!) i'm not feeling too bad. it's nice and warm outside... i think i might actually change out of my jammies (which ive been in since tuesday) and sit on the swing outside. that might be nice.
know what show i love, but probably shouldn't? "next." one of the many dating-game shows on mtv. i don't know why... i just love it so much.
i joined the jcc last week... or was it two weeks ago? i actually really like it... and miss it since i havent been there since monday. on tuesday and thursday afternoons there is female swim only... which works out perfectly with my schedule (since i start back to school next week). i have "intro to biological chemistry" (lecture and lab) on tues and thurs from 8 AM-12:20 PM... then i can come home, eat lunch and at 1:30-2:30 PM is female swim hour... woohoo! there's also mon and wed evening swim time for females... but too many people i know go at that time and i'd rather swim with strangers (mostly old women at the time i go). anyway, my face itches... i wonder if it's the pain pills that are doing it.
MUSIC TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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