the thoughts of a young jew

Friday, April 29, 2005


another long yom tov coming up in about a half an hour (we make early shabbas). my brother, sister-in-law and their three sons are here. too much noise for me. i'm a quiet child. i need my peace of mind. at least i went to the library yesterday and picked up some books. hopefully i'll be able to drown out the screaming and crying.
i was feeding my three dogs today and noticed my dad accidentally bought bacon and cheese dog food for them. oops! we have enough chicken and beef dog food for them to hold them over until they can go back to dry dog food. did i really just write about dog food?
chag sameach!

the dumbening of america

i was babysitting the other day. (somehow i've become a babysitter. i do it five days a week... how sick is that?) the 10 year old girl i babysit for was playing a barbie game on the computer. i heard ken say, "three words. i'm leaving." barbie said back to him, "um, ken. that's like two words." so sad. so very sad.